Coed Varsity Swimming · Swimmers and Divers Complete Successful Season

Congratulations to the Taft swimming and diving teams on another successful season.  The Raider girls and boys swim teams both  finished second in district with several swimmers moving on to the regional meet.  Senior Alison Schillick qualified for the state meet in the girls 50 yard freestyle and senior Garrett Dierkhising qualified for the 100 yard butterfly.  Congratulations on a great season!

2016-2017 UIL District 28-6A Championship Results

Women 200 Yard Medley Relay: Alison Schillick, Erin Garza, Georgia Guinan, Danielle Pasayan – 2nd Place

Men 200 Yard Medley Relay: Garrett Dierkhising, Jacqx Barcelon, Anthony Cruz, Cross Alfridio – 2nd place

Women 200 Yard Freestyle: Georgia Guinan – 1st place, Yamile Macias – 6th place, Keely Garza – 7th place

Men 200 Yard Freestyle: Josh Gallagher – 4th place, Connery Fehlinger – 7th place

Women 200 Yard IM: Erin Garza – 2nd place, Johnna Goins – 8th place

Men 200 Yard IM: Johnny Delostrinos – 3rd place, Jacqx Barcelon – 4th place

Women 50 Yard Freestyle: Alison Schillick – 1st place, Judith Own – 6th place, Gillian Hooge – 7th place

Men 50 Yard Freestyle: Anthony Cruz – 1st place, Cross Alfrido – 4th place, Brendan Cornell – 5th place

Women 1 mtr Driving: Bridget Kollock – 5th place

Men 1 Mtr Diving: Zachary Dierkhising – 3rd place, Trevor Acord – 4th place, Matthew Spinnato – 5th place

Women 100 Yard Butterfly: Erin Garza – 4th place

Men 100 Yard Butterfly: Garrett Dierkhising – 1st place, Anthony Cruz – 2nd place

Women 100 Yard Freestyle: Gillian Hooge – 4th place, Danielle Pasayan – 5th place, Keeley Garza – 6th place

Men 100 Yard Freestyle: Brendan Cornell – 4th place, Cross Alfrido – 7th place

Women 500 Yard Freestyle: Georgia Guinan – 1st place, Yamile Macias – 8th place

Men 500 Yard Freestyle: Josh Gallagher – 3rd place, Richard Lopez – 7th place

Women 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Alison Schillick, Judith Owen, Georgia Guinan, Danielle Pasayan – 2nd place

Men 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Garrett Dierkhising, Anthony Cruz, Cross Alfrido, Jacqx Barcelon – 1st place

Women 100 Yard Backstroke: Alison Schillick – 1st place, Sarah Ruiz – 7th, Karlee Eash – 8th place

Men 100 Yard Backstroke: Garrett Dierkhising – 1st place, Johnny Delostrinos – 3rd place

Women 100 Yard Breaststroke: Lexi Allen – 6th place, Elise Perez – 7th place

Men 100 Yard Breaststroke: Jacqx Barcelon – 4th place

Women 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Erin Garza, Judith Owen, Gillian Hooge, Yamile Macias – 2nd place

Men 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Brendan Cornell, Josh Gallagher, Shawn Brandon, Johnny Delostrinos – 2nd place